What Magical Beast Could I Have Possibly Seen?

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Lastnight I was driving down a dark mountain road just outside of Denver in a horrible Nissan Sentra rental. I had no idea a car could be so bland and boring... And awful, as the worst thing I had driven for any length of time up until this point was an older Mazda6, but that’s not the point of this post.


About half an hour west of city limits, something low, wide, and fast passed me in the fast lane as I piddled along in the slow lane, attempting to not lose speed on any inclines. However, given the lack of light and the speed this car was going, I only know what the back lights look like. This is were Oppo comes in and saves the day.

The car in question had one long, horizontal LED bar running from one quarter panel to the other, much like the Chiron. It also had what looked like alight lower on the bumper directly behind the each wheel, which may have been reflectors but nothing behind the car should’ve been able to produce that much light. Brake lights never came on, so I don’t have any helpful info there.


That’s about all the info I’ve got. The only two cars the come to mind is the Chrion (no way, right?) or the new A8 (I don’t think it’s been released yet). Any ideas? This plagued me all last night and I’m dying to figure it out.

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