I am about to buy a new (to me) car. I’ve been though tough times and want to treat myself with a good thing for weather through it. As you can imagine a car (actually two) is on top of my list. Since I was into cars forever it should be a enthusiast car wich gives me a smile every time I drive it. I had a decent amount of experience with good drivers cars with Focusses, RX-8s and E46s (drive a E46 330XdA wagon right now) so the bar is set as high as my funds are limited.

As I searched the internet I stumbled across the Audi S6 wagon (C5 1998-2005) with a 4.2L V8, 335hp/310lbs-ft engine.

What it makes kind of difficult make the final decision is it’s hard to get all the information one needs to be sure he buys a good one. In my research I noticed that there is no source of information where it’s all together.


Wouldn’t it be nice to find a webpage with used enthusiast cars test? Accordingly I’m fooling around with the idea of creating such a page/making youtube vids. I have a journalist background so from that point of view thats not a problem.

Next step would be to pitch the concept to a sponsor. Therefore I need to know what a real enthusiasts car is. That’s where you as opponauts come into play.


As far as I see a enthusiast’s car is driven for it’s superb ride, it’s adorable tech features, performance in the track, non-molesting manner on long distance legs. And the car must be bought for that exact reasons. Wich is why a Merc S-Class can become an enthusiast’s car, but not from the start. Because the pricepoint and the lux are the main reasons for the rich filth to get it (with a few exceptions of course). Once depreciated enough Mr. Regular can afford one. This is the point where it becomas an enthusiast’s car.

What’s makes a car an enthusiast’s car to you?