What makes me aspire to engineer.

As some of you may know, given my handle is pretty leading towards that fact, I’m a professional shitposter I’m a student in university, my degree? Mechatronic engineering.

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What is mechatronics? I’m glad you asked!
It is a multidisciplinary field of engineering where the crossroads of computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering meet. In some countries it has the fancier name of Robotics, but here in Mexico we keep the original Japanese-soruced name (you could call it JDM!). However, I must admit something.

I am here by mistake. You see, a year ago my father said to me “You will not take a semester off, so you better fucking chose now!” He meant it. Back then I was uncertain about what to study, and it is impossible to tell a 19 year old that they must chose their career. What my father didn’t understand was that I grew in the internet era, so I know about the struggles that some degrees have overseas... even the ones that I like. What I didn’t understand is that Mexico is an emerging economy.

Emerging economies ALWAYS need more college educated people because all the sectors are growing; do you specialize in liberal arts? Well have a good paying job! Are you an engineer! Good for you! here, get an administrator job that pays 5x the average salary!

So it didn’t really matter what I studied as long as I studied at all. He wanted me to become a journalist because, and I quote,I have “Very critical thinking” but I don’t really think that matters. What journalists need in this country is a backbone, ethical concerns, and charisma. I lack two of those and the remaining one is really a perspective.

I also like computers and cars; a lot. So I wouldn’t be able to live comfortably on a Mexican journo’s salary (not unless I sold myself off to a governor o a drug dealer). No disrespect to journalists, on the contrary, the very reason I didn’t study journalism was because I am a very risk adverse person (I lack a backbone). Hanging heads from a bridge and sporadic deaths of journalists reek of RISK! So I googled quickly what I should study. After little research I realized that engineers rarely get kidnapped by drug dealers and here in Mexico you can’t go wrong as an engineer; if you really suck that much at actually engineering, companies have a very elitist view of the world, were they don’t hire accountants or MBA graduates for their administration positions.

They hire engineers.


So there’s no question that in the future whenever I buy Aeromexico tickets my title will be “Ing.” but what kind of engineer?

Well, I went to Tecnologico de Monterrey in Santa Fe to check out some degrees. After speaking with the head of engineering for a while, he said I’d be a great candidate for Mechatronics. Funnily enough the university I liked the most, UIA, has a course on Mechatronics. But it’s totally different.

You see, Tecnologico de Monterrey thinks “Mechatronics” is what Ibero thinks “Mechanical and electrical” so when I applied to Mechatronics in Ibero I was surprised because they follow the international meaning of it. It’s robotics.

While I love computers, I couldn’t stand thinking that I’d be a programmer because I don’t like code. So, two semesters in, I am changing over to Mechanical and electrical. But so far, I love it.

Tomorrow I’m going to present the head of the automotive program an engine design, it’s got those weird Honda NR pistons and 8 valves per cylinder. I want to make one that runs on hydrogen with a procharger. Worst part is that he might say yes! I’m still working on the piston seals because Honda’s solution wasn’t very good.But, knowing that I attend a university that will entertain my AutoCAD dreams, well, there are fewer more satisfactory things in life!

I love it because to me the world makes a little bit more sense. You could often find me, sat in absolute wonder, looking at cars, buildings, even basic machinery because, at a very basic level, I understand how and why its made a certain way. Only two semesters in! I can only imagine how i’ll feel when I actually know jack shit about engineering and not only the basics of torque pretty much.

In a country filled with self serving assholes for politicians and leaders of industry, engineering is almost refreshing because you would almost never encounter a hypocritical desision, within Mexico City buildings aren’t made hypocritically, all over the country cars aren’t made to be specifically bad. These huge structures and sprawling factories that are being built across the valley aren’t hypocritical: perhaps their payments are, but you will very rarely find a product that engineers made wrong wholeheartedly. At least never as wrong as our tax system or the national health service.

When it comes to professions here, engineering is the least broken and corrupted compared to other sectors. So, to missquote the very famous saying.

If you can’t beat em, help them design their new building’s electrical system.

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