Obligatory picture of my 3 because people need pictures and I’m working and don’t have time to GIS for renders

Mazda will blow our collective lids in the following manner:

1. They’ll unveil the new CX-4. We know it’s coming. Mazda, like Porsche, want to make cars that are fun and engaging to drive. Mazda, like Porsche, needs to sell a bunch of crossovers to fund the fun stuff. Fortunately, both companies manage to make their crossovers look pretty good and are reasonably fun to drive.

2. Folding hard top Miata. Once again, we knew this was coming.

3. Miata Coupe!!!!! This will be the first real big surprise. People, like my SO, don’t want a convertible for various reasons so Mazda finally gives in and gives in to those people who want a tiny coupe.


4. Modular Miata!!!!!!!!! Like the old modular Pulsar. You can have a coupe, open air, or practical shooting brake for those trips to Home Depot.

5. RX-7. Mazda will bring back the rotary in hybrid fashion. Electric motors for down low grunt and screaming rotary for top end fun. They’ll go with 7 because they don’t want people confusing it with a CX-9. It’ll go on sale in less than 2 years


6. Mazdaspeed is back! They’ll start with the Miata in 2017, then the 3 and 6 by 2018, and the new RX-7 in 2019. There’s a chance they’ll take further inspiration and Mazdaspeed the CX-4s and CX-5s depending on the market and demand. Sharing engines all over the place would come down more to engine bay room than anything else.

This is how Mazda will blow our collective lids next week. BOOM! #backtowonderland