What my $1000 new-old car cost me so far...

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As you may know, I recently bought another car for $1000. It was an as-is deal. So to get it on the road along with supplies and extras, it cost me as follows:

  • $1000 car purchase in cash
  • About $1100 for safety certification fee, new front pads, front rotors, service rear drums, new alternator belt and pulley
  • About $160 for a bulk pack of 8 Wix oil filters, 2 engine air filters, 3 bottles of synthetic transmission fluid, 4 iridium spark plugs
  • $40 for gas
  • $122 for the first month of insurance
  • $437 for the used vehicle package, tax on ownership transfer, temp permit and registration fee to have it register to 2020.

So altogether, my $1000 car has cost me around $2850 so far.

It’s amazing how things can add up even on a cheap car. 

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