What my car cost me this year*

*I bought my Audi in April and took delivery in early May so some numbers apply for roughly 6 months.

-Audi A3 8PA 1.6 FSI: 7,030.00€

-gasoline (mostly premium): 677.21€/442.23l

-insurance premium (including a little mishap): 634.13€

-road tax: 108.00€ p.A.

-car washes: 45.00€

-anti freeze washer fluid: 4.99€

-bluetooth FM adapter: 29.99€

-rubber floor mats: 11.98€

-residential parking permit 30.00€ p.A.

-lap of the Nürburgring: 30.00€


Total: 8,601.31€ at around 5.050 km driven

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