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What new car would you make this road trip in?

I recently drove a sweet Fiat 124 Spider Abarth press car on a road trip from Toronto to Quebec City. That story is here if you’re interested. In a few weeks I have to drive 10+ hrs from Toronto to Moline, Illinois for a family function and I’m looking to do it in another press car. But what should I take?

It’s worth noting that not exactly everything is on the table. No way the exotics like Lamborghini or Ferrari will let me road trip one of their beauties in November. But if it’s an all-weather car from a mainstream manufacturer I can probably get ahold of it.


The Fiat was a fun car but overall a poor road-trip vehicle. There aren’t many turns along this route to exploit anyways. I’m thinking of a big sedan. Maybe an E-Class Benz, or a SRT 392 Charger. What do you think? What should I road trip?

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