Djmt1's post about the fictional wagons made me remember a dream I had a couple of years ago. You know how dreams go, you wake up, think that this should be turned into a movie and seconds later everything is gone. This one stuck with me however. When asked what I was doing professionally I answered that I was running a body shop doing E34 coupe conversions. A few days later I even googled that and found a few tasteful 'shops. They somehow have been in the back of my head ever since. If such a car existed I would rock one as a dd! (Minus the chin spoiler, of course!)

This 'shop has a little 8-series DNA in it, and I like it even more. Longer doors, less rear side windows.


The heck, I might even extend this fictional business to E38s.


And I probably wouldn't turn down a customer requesting a E 32 conversion.

So what is your fictional poison? What non-existant version does get your juices flowing?