Thumbs-up, pointing fingers, cellphones come out for pictures, gawking faces, whatever your standard is for attention: What cars get a disproportionate amount?

Best one I can think of is when visiting some friends who live in the UK (where you can import anything): Guys go nuts for Holden Utes, and gals go nuts for Nissan Figaros. Both are definitely very unique-looking cars.

And then this one I guess some people may consider supercars, some may not and just consider them very wild sports cars, but it’s worth mentioning the final TVRs because they “punch above their weight”: At car festivals, I’ve seen people walk right past Ferraris/Lambos/Astons and straight to Tuscans, Sagarises, Tamoras, T350s, etc. They have such organic shapes that look like nothing else ever made. They get tons of attention, even when not painted in those “Reflex” colours.

Lastly, land-yachts definitely can too. 1957 Cadillacs, 1967 Impalas, 1959 Pontiac Bonneville…their imposing size makes them impossible to ignore.