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What Now?

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Coming up on my senior year I’m faced with a familiar set of choices. Do I get a job and start working ASAP or do I try for grad school? I mean whats an extra few grand in debt at this point right?


I’m gonna try and leave this fairly general in hopes that I can get some feedback from you guys/girls on what you did, what you plan to do, etc...

Here’s the boat I’m in though. Assuming I hold my GPA steady through the year I’ll be getting my BS with a fairly average 3.0. I’ve got a pair of internship under my belt to pad the resume and it looks at least fairly likely that the company I’m interning for now may offer me a position. My issue comes in when I consider the fact that I really want to try and sneak my way into a top tier grad school. Maybe its false optimism, maybe its a desire to get laughed off campus, but the idea of doing aeronautical research rather than design forestry equipment sounds pretty alluring to me. At the same time I feel like there’s not harm in chasing both paths and leaving my mind open. Who knows maybe I’ll get lucky on both fronts and someone will pay for me to go to grad school and then give me a job, or I might win the MegaMillions and Powerball while simultaneously being struck by lightning. Same odds right?


Anyways what’re your guys thoughts on situations like this?

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