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What Other Car Should I be Looking at. (Day dreaming)

So my last attempt at buying a car failed, it was crushing. So I’m shifting gears. I’ve come to the conslusion that I need to wait until next spring, when if all goes well I’ll have 3-4,000 as a down payment. So heres my list.

1 four seats, fun, manual Trans, no more than 13,000 bucks, reliable.

The cars I’m think about.


1. RSX Type S, 2. 02-05 Civic Si these too are my first choices because Honda. And they both came Ina nice blue, the RSX also had a Copper color I’m a fan of.

3. Second gen Mazdaspeed3(not sure about reliability on that one, also not a fan on their interiors. But I do love that they came this a amazing blue.

4. Hyundia Genesis Coupe R spec V6, or 2..0T, I’ve wanted one since they first were introduced that odd little window dip gets me.


I kinda want to consider a Veloster turbo, they’ve grown a lot on me, but I just can’t imagine having a car this hard to see out the back of. But I do like that the hatch goes half way up the roof.


Oh yeah 500 Abarth those things got cheap quick, which is also scary.

Any input on the cars listed or other suggestions would be fun. Another apcar I thought of was the 350Z but that's a two seater and my family is about to be a family of three.

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