This is the Factory Five 818 kit car. Factory Five is known for their Cobra and Type 65 Coupe kit cars. They also build a supercar-esq kit called the GTM, which is an awesome performer for the price of entry. The 818 is their low cost answer to kit cars. The design was user sourced.

The idea behind the 818 was to build a mid engine, RWD coupe with the boxer four from a Subaru being used to power the car. Wonderful Idea. The kits start from about $10,000 not including parts you need from a donor car(s) which will run you about another $5,000 to $8,000 if you find a good useable donor car.

So for <$20k you can get a decent performing, RWD, Mid engine coupe. Whats the problem?

My problem is this: The user submitted designs.

Here are a few of the designs that got turned down.


^ Very GTA like and the wheels are too big, but rather futuristic and IMO, good looking.

^Like a modern day 914. VERY COOL


Seems to have a lot of Bertone design ques and I for one like it (although it probably would not meet crash safety standards)

^ With the exception being the terrible exhaust, this one flows perfectly, and has a bit of that aggressiveness behind it.


But in the end, it turned into this:


Something that looks like if was born from a child's dreams after watching the 1st Fast & Furious movie. Laden with extra vents and cheap fiberglass bumpers. And that convertible top; it just looks SOOOO out of place.

It could have been something so great, and in the end, its something that will get the attention of every Honda fan boy and that's about all.