Just thinking about this, the Tundra is due for a refresh and if Toyota uses the D4-S dual injection with wide bind on the new motor, it could really be something.

278 hp for 3.5 liters is 80 hp/liter which is pretty conservative since it doesn’t rev high for durability.

Apply those numbers to 5.7 liters (I know, I know its not EXACTLY apples to apples) and you get 450 hp. A useful nearly 70 hp bump. Though what they should probably do is drop it down to 5.0 liters and get 400 hp, still a decent bump and right in line with the competition, but with a mileage gain. put the 8 speed behind it, and add cylinder management and it might even be remotely competitive mileage wise. You would lose a little torque, but not much. (380 vs 401). If they wanted to go nuts they could go full fat and do a 5.7 with 450 hp and 430 lbs-ft. With truck tuning 430/420 hp/lbs-ft, more likely. Again with the wide band phasing and the 8 speed, in 2wd I bet it would be a huge improvement in mileage. What they NEED to do is offer a 2.7 turbo for the Tacoma/4runner/tundra as an option.

300/330 lbs-ft would be easy and allow for durability engineering. Would be such a great base motor for the Tundra and such a good upgrade for the Tacoma/4runner.

Ranting because Im avoiding housework.