What qualifies a sports car vs. supercar vs. hypercar?

I know there’s not any real definition for any of these terms and this is honestly pretty silly but I’m curious what Oppo thinks the distinction is. Cost and exclusivity are definitely factors obviously but there’s some cars where I don’t know why I think of them as one or another.

Some of my completely unjustified thoughts:

Current Ferrari range are all supercars except the California which is just a high-end sports car and the LaFerrari which is a hypercar


Both current Lambos are supercars

Vipers are supercars, Corvettes aren’t (even though numbers-wise the Z06 is pretty comparable)

Koeniggsegg, Pagani, Bugatti, etc. are hypercars obvs

the GT2 is the only 911 that I’d call a supercar, the rest are sports cars

the i8 isn’t quite a supercar, but it’s close


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