Ignoring maintenance costs, racing slicks on the street, and other realistic shenanigans, what race car would you DD if you could?

I am thinking Group B Quattro:

AWD, and adjustable ride height, to conquer any weather.

Two seats, just enough Mrs. blacktruck and I, even though she would be a worse co-driver than Samir.


Just enough cargo room for groceries and other mundane things.

I think the roof to spoiler height ratio would make home depot lumber runs no problem at all.


Or Pro-Stock or Pro-Mod drag car:


I remember watching NHRA drag racing on TV many years ago and, they were saying Warren Johnson (6 time Pro-Stock Champion, for non-drag racing fans) would drive his race cars to the local McDonald’s for morning coffee. It sounded like the best idea ever to 12 or 13 year old me.

Feel free to ignore any attempts at practicality, if you want to DD a six-wheeled Tyrell who am I to judge?