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What race tracks have you driven on?

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I was chatting up with an autocrosser in another post trying to convince them to get on a road course ASAP. I thought it would be fun to share what race courses you have driven on?


I’ll start.

  • Summit Point Motorsports Park - Jefferson Circuit
  • Summit Point Motorsports Park - Shenandoah Circuit
  • New Jersey Motorsports Park - Lightning
  • New Jersey Motorsports Park - Thunderbolt
  • Monticello Motor Club
  • Dominion Raceway
  • Pocono Raceway
  • Pittsburgh International Race Complex (Pitt Race)

Favorite so far? Monticello Motor Club, just a beautiful track. All around great atmosphere. You feel like your at a special track.


Least favorite? Summit Point Motorsports Park - Shenandoah Circuit, I have been in track side discussions with folks that love this track. I don’t think any track that has a Nurburgring poser Carrusel can be good.

Within the next year/future:

  • Thermal Club
  • Road America

What tracks have you done? Of even if you haven’t done any what is your local track your planning on heading out to?


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