What Racing Drivers Should I be following on social media?

stoffel vandoorne shakes a hand

So the above image is a totally unremarkable photo of Mclaren backup driver Stoffel Vandoorne shaking hands with Ron Dennis after inking his F1 drive contract for next year. It’s interesting because the photo seals Jensen Button’s retirement.

It showed up on my Facebook Time line after one of my friends liked Stoffel Vandoorne’s post, which got me thinking: “who the hell follows Mclaren’s reserve driver on social media?”


Now he sounds like a talented racer but I’ll be honest it’s the first time I’ve heard of him.

There are thousands of drivers out there between the big league racers or those slogging through the feeder series and because this is 2016 they all have a social media footprint.

So my question is which ones are worth the time? Plenty seem to be just phoning it in to satisfy the sponsors or have accounts managed by some faceless PR drone.

I’ve heard good things about Jordan Taylor, Mark Webber, James Hinchcliffe and Taka Inoue but there must be many more.


Show me the hidden gems, the hilarious goofballs, the young future champions, the behind the scenes insights, the playboy pay drivers, the drama queens. Go!

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