I've already mentioned some that I'd love to see come back, but here's another: Full Auto.

Appearing in early 2006 on Xbox 360, the game was pretty much created in similar fashion to many other vehicular combat games, like Twisted Metal, Interstate '76/'82, Vigilante 8, etc.


Specifically speaking, it's kinda like a cross between Twisted Metal, Spy Hunter, and Burnout.

The game featured destructible environments, like gas stations that blow up in more ways than just exploding gas pumps (seen again in Split/Second), buildings that can be blasted and then driven through, and the 'Unwreck' feature (similar to the 'Rewind' function that would be seen in the Forza Motorsport series not too long after).


The title would reappear in 2006 (US console release)/2007 in the form of Full Auto 2: Battlelines for the PS3 and PSP.

The original was decently received (70 on Metacritic), but the Sony games wouldn't live up to that (67 for PS3, 53 for PSP).


There hasn't been a Full Auto game since, and Pseudo Interactive shut down in 2008.

Chances are, the rights to the IP are still owned by SEGA.

But, with just about every SEGA in-house racing game developer having been shut down, and the only other one they work with, Sumo Digital, working on the Xbox 360 version of Forza Horizon 2, the chances of another Full Auto game seem rather slim, unless either Sumo Digital and/or Microsoft were to buy up the IP, but that seems unlikely.


So, what series or title would you like to see revisited, that hasn't seen a new release since the turn of the decade?

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