I just registered for a winter ‘rally’ called the Carbagerun, through the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France and Andorra in February 2016. Step two: find a car. What car should we buy?


  • 1998 or older
  • according to the regulations the car can be worth no more than €500, although this is not rigorously checked. Let’s say €1000 asking price as a hard limit, preferably €800 or less.
  • decent heater
  • comfortable enough
  • will have to be able to seat 3-4 grown men decently and store a lot of kit
  • will have to be able to handle winter weather. This does not mean it has to be tall or AWD.
  • not a horrible gas hog
  • gasoline and diesel are both welcome
  • preferably at least somewhat interesting
  • not a Subaru Legacy wagon. I used one the last time I participated, two years ago
  • a valid inspection, road legal
  • available in Germany or the Netherlands. My copilot is German, so we can choose if we want to run a car on German or Dutch plates
  • speed is not an issue, you don’t win by finishing first

Here are some sites you can use. I’ve used English language links. Mobile.de and autoscout24.eu.



  • start: The Netherlands
  • finish day #1: Basel (Switzerland)
  • day #2: Turin (Italy)
  • day #3: Avignon (France)
  • day #4: Toulouse (France)
  • day #5: Andorra (finish location)

Disclaimers: Speed is not an issue. I’m not sure I’m allowed to participate yet as there are fewer slots than registered teams, there will be a lottery next week. I will postpone buying a car until this autumn, I’m mostly looking for inspiration and an interesting discussion. I’m unable to consider pleas to be included in the team, with the exception of one who’s already aware.


my car in 2013:

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