Lets say you recently filthy rich, Like U.A.E. oil baron rich. What car would you buy for you worst enemy. You hate this person. You want to make their like hell, humiliate them, make them cry, maybe even make their friends hate them.

The car above doesn’t actually exist, and lets keep this limited to new cars, because it’s to easy to just say a you’d give them a poorly maintained 200,000 miles 1.8t 2002 Jetta.

So I’ll pick a Juke Nismo Edition.


It’s ugly, it’s impractical, but also not fun, or luxurious the only two reasons for a car to be impractical. But not only that, it’s also BOLD, BRASH and LOUD. Only a person weird enough to like this thing would buy it. So you get to make it look like you worst enemy spent 25,000 dollars on this rolling, tribute to horrible taste. Also it would be automatic.