Hey guys, it's tuesday, and it's raining. SO instead of walking down to my greenhouse complex to do lame fucking PhD stuff I'm lurking oppo. So here's a question for you guys:

What "Regular" Car Company Has The Best Interiors?

I'm not talking about Morgan or fucking Spyker or some shit, I mean cars most of us can buy. I'm on the prowl for a new (used) car and after running the gamut of interiors in past cars (I think my favorite was my 01 VW... or maybe that Dodge M-37 I drove once for the forest service with wooden seats... mmm solid wood) Interior has been a big thing for me. My current fleet-spec mid 2000s Ford focus has an appalling interior, and to be honest every ford from that era seems to have pretty shit interiors. I've been told new fords are nice inside but after driving a great many older ones (The Mrs' Taurus is pretty nice inside though) my overall opinion is that ford cant make interiors for shit. I know there are exceptions for models, but brand image is a big deal, and if you don't care enough to make a door handle that doesnt feel like a plastic party favor what else didn't you care enough to do (maybe ignition switches?).

So what do you think, if average Joe wants to go out and get some wheels, what corporate grill should he be looking for to ensure his ass rides in comfort and style?