Oh Honda... we need to talk

What Rugged means to Toyota

Diff lock

Fox suspension

Skid plates

What rugged means to Honda (2019 passport if you are confused)


Sloped rear glass

Standard 20 inch wheels

Under floor cubbies

This live stream of the passport is depressing even with lowered expectations.

The fact that a called out feature in the press release was an actual volume knob and that it was referred to as “retro” tells me all I need to know.

Looks, it’s going to be a good vehicle for the 5 passenger crossover segment but you shot yourselves in both feet making a big stink about it being a rugged adventure machine. and listing your competitors as the 4Runner and Grand Cherokee

As a video editor I cringe to think that someone had to make the best of this creative brief for this video.


“we have a new vehicle that will be rugged and adventurous! and we want to have something high action that shows it off.”

“cool, so are we thinking rubicon or moab? or...”

“oh no its a rugged adventure lifestyle segment vehicle, nothing like that.”

“oh okay so like camping and beach driving and stuff.”

“no more macho than that, and high energy!”

“oh I hear you of course! We’ll make it great!” *dies inside*

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