This will be fun! Tell me what you drive, drop a picture of your ride, and tell me about yourself. What’s done to your car? Prefer to stay stock, or to mod? Drag racing or autox? Auto or manual? Blondes or brunettes?

I’ll start. I can’t keep shit stock. I drive a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi that’s well modified. I also drive a 2004 Ford Taurus as a winter slut, and just in case my DD DSM breaks. I’m considering buying a Evolution 8 sooner rather than later.

If I don’t buy an EVO I’ll hold out and pick up a Gen 3 Viper in 2019 most likely. I’m a truck driver, home on weekends. Luckily, I have a unique living situation. After my wife and I split up for the second time, I was stuck with a massive house and garage. So my best friend moved in and split expenses with me. It’s nice to basically have a bachelor pad, and we are always wrenching on something.

I have a five year old daughter, she’s definitely getting into cars. She can identify heads, blocks, cams, turbos and everything in between. Because my living expenses are lower, it allows me a good amount of cash flow for my hobby, and I don’t take that for granted. I’m closing three years of tractor trailer driving, and hauled trailers with a pickup for an additional two years. Truck driving kind of runs in my family, and I absolutely love and hate my career.

I’m a drag racer, when I have the time that is. I love obscure European cars, DSMs, and everything in between. One of my odd car dreams is a mint EG Civic hatch to do a K series swap, ITBs and go all motor. I’ve had a few Hondas, and feel like I have unfinished business.


I’ve never really messed around with American V8s, I did own a mint 1977 Ford F100 with a 400M and some modifications. When I had it, gas was 3.80$ a gallon and unfortunately I was fresh out of high school, so it had to go. I look back and miss that truck though, it was so fun to drive for many reasons. I also had a 1995 Mustang 5.0 with some mods in high school, it taught me to drive a RWD car with some power. I definitely put it off the road a handful of times.

I have two regrets on cars I’ve sold. #1 is my 1987 BMW 325ES. It had a Dinan chip, exhaust, header, intake, and some sticky tires. The ETA cars have some awesome useable torque, and with that buttery five speed manual and LSD rear end, Tennessee back roads were the most fun a guy could ever have. It was mostly solid, save for some rocker rust. I sold it to a guy for 3500$ many years ago, and he promptly ragged it out.


#2 is the one that got away, I was a dumb kid and hate myself for it. My beloved 1990 Talon TSi AWD, I bought it when I was 15 with my own money. I held a full time job and worked the entire summer to pay for it. I went to Kokomo Indiana and paid 2500$ for it way back then. It was literally in mint condition, and I did some really nice mods to it. I remember being notorious around my town with it because I was literally outrunning everybody with it.

Don’t mind the pic quality, was taken over 10 years ago with a digital camcorder lol



It had 275,000 miles on it, I’d rebuilt the head after losing the balance shaft belt. Raced it at the DSM Shootout with 3rd gear practically gone, and managed a 13.1 at 117 miles per hour and a 1.58 60FT on shit tires and a slipping clutch. While trying to hit third I accidentally put it back into first and probably tacked 10,000 RPM with it, and it immediately started spewing oil into the timing belt. I limped it home, got scared, and sold it on the forums for 3500$. I had planned to buy a car I really wanted, but it never happened.


I cannot express the amount of regret it brought me. That’s probably why I’m so passionate about my current Talon, because it’s as clean as that car was. It’s a redemption as my friend calls it. I still look back on those days and feel so old. I’d dreamed of buying a E36 328is (funny I know because they’re basically free now) but back then they were still priced in the upper 7-8k range and it never happened. It’s funny when you look back on times like that. E36s are still amazing, but have approximately the same value as a used Acer netbook, whereas DSMs have skyrocketed.

Cars are everything to me. My main motivation is my hobby, and providing an awesome life for my little one. Without my hobby, I’d probably still have a shitty dead end job. With this being such an expensive hobby, I got off my butt and found a career and never looked back. Work hard, play hard right?


That’s my story. I drive a big rig, love writing about cars, and love connecting with other fellow enthusiasts. I’d love to hear some of your stories, and where you’ve come from and what brought you here today!