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What’s your next car?

It is simply car enthusiast nature to constantly look ahead towards our next car purchase. Whether it’s plans to pick up a project car within the next month or thoughts about a replacement for our daily driver in five years, the next car is always on our minds. Sometimes it’s like a song lyric you just can’t forget, never changing but always nagging. Other times it’s like plans for dinner being made at 2 PM, ever changing with sights and smells altering our image of an ideal meal.

To entertain myself today, I’d like to see what oppo’s plans for their next car are. This isn’t meant to be a dream car unless you plan to acquire a dream car next. This is simply the next logical, attainable step on your neverending car ownership journey.


For me, it’s a GT350

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I guess I’m officially a Mustang fanboy now. It’s a bit crazy to think just 4 years ago I was making fun of Mustangs and beating the drum of a Ford hater. I had a Chevy Sonic and swore I’d never own a Mustang. Now I’m on my second Mustang, and in my mind my next purchase in a few years will be a 3rd.

The S550 platform is just that good. I love the way these cars look, the interiors are a nearly perfect balance of quality and design for the price tag, and the GT350 adds that simply unbeatable 5.2 liter Voodoo engine. I had heard a few in person and been wowed, but once I’d had a chance to drive a GT350R for 56 seconds? Game over. I’m sorry, but there simply isn’t a better engine on the market today. Full. Stop. The sounds it makes are as unnatural as they are viscerally orgasmic. The power is just about perfect: not so much you feel intimidated but enough to make your eyes wide and watering as it screams towards the unheard of 8500 RPM redline.

There are better cars, but not for the money. With used models dipping under $50,000 already, I’m eyeing the market and crossing my fingers for them to hit the low $40s where I believe I can reasonably stretch a budget to bring one home. Or if I can find my way to just a little more income I can take one sooner.

The GT350 is my next car, what’s yours?

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