What’s your wallet situation? Do you lean more minimal, or go for the “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach?”

A friend recently mentioned that he got a “beach wallet” aka a compact wallet, to take up less space. This is the same friend who I seem to recall having a “party wallet” back in the day, which essentially served the same purpose. Generally though, he has a massive old leather wallet stuffed full of literally every single card he has, along with various paper products and a bunch of cash.


I’m a wallet minimalist.

It started out as a way to move my wallet from my back pocket to my front pocket. You see, to improve the ergonomics of my Miata seat, I removed the bottom padding. Sounds crazy, but sitting about 1.5 inches lower really did improve overall comfort quite a bit.

The only problem was if I sat longer than 15 minutes, due to zero cushion whatsoever on my backside my wallet would make my butt go numb, followed by the corrosponding leg. My hipster skinny jeans wouldn’t work well with stuffing the wallet in a front pocket, so for awhile I just removed my wallet and put it in the center console whenever I drove the Mazda.

After leaving it in the car multiple times I finally tried a new approach. A skinny, front-pocket friendly minimal wallet! I removed everything from the didn’t use on a daily basis and boom, my life was forever changed. Or something.


One external card pocket, and two internal card pockets. Each pocket holds 2 cards tightly, and with time could be stretched to hold 3 cards per pocket.


TThe current load out? 3 credit cards for 100% of any and all spending, my drivers license because duh, an electrical trainee card that I don’t actually need to have on me until I start training at jobsites but I’m being optomistic, and a priority pass membership card that will likely be replaced with another credit card in the wallet as soon as I fall under Chase’s 5/24 rule. Priority pass shouldn’t require a physical card anyways but that’s another issue....


My AAA membership is an absolute godsend, but the card itself is useless when any operator can look you up via last name. I’ve got debit cards for various accounts but it would physically pain me to use one for a purchase, let alone carry it throughout the day. There are a couple starter credit cards I used to build initial credit which are kept at home and used every three months or so for a pack of gum to keep the accounts open. A CPR card that I don’t have use for. An America the beautiful card that gets me into any federal park for free (might just leave that in my car...). And... That’s basically it. Some insurance cards that I definitely don’t need to have on me. I don’t carry cash either, unless I’m traveling internationally or going out for a long night of bar hopping, and even then nowadays there’s often no difference between a cash and a card tip at local restaurants due to the way the employers pay out tips.

Anyways, that’s how I do things. What about Oppo? Who can claim the gold medal for biggest, most stuffed pocketbook? Bonus points if you can stick it in the passenger seat to offset your weight.

5 speeds of turbo wagon jump-seat goodness joining the Volvo tradition of leaving my condo on a flatbed

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