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What S197 Mustang is the best that's Supercharged and Why?

So recentally I have been looking at BOSS 302's and GT500's and stumbling across Roush 427R, 428R, and 429Rs for really reasonable prices for the power they put down. I have also been finding Saleen S281s in the same price range. Now granted they have a little millage but hey it means they were enjoyed.

Here are some of the cars in question:


Dark Grey 427R

Vista Blue 427R


Ingot Silver 429R


Saleen S281 S/C

Now in reality all these cars make about the same power as a GT500 maybe a little less but in the Top Gear segment in 2007(08?) when they got the GT500 it was slower then the Roush. So I ask if you were to have one of these samples as a DD/Track/Weekend go to show car. What one would you own?


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