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What should a speed limit look like.

THIS is a chart of the speed limit in Spain; it is accompanied with a recommended travel speed (blue) which sometimes serves as the minimum travel speed as far as shouty Spainards are concerned

After seeing that asshole Arizona rep that was showboating to the police officer I wondered what you guys think a reasonable speed limit could be.


I think that a speed limit of 140km/h (85mph) on the slow lane, and a maximum passing speed of 160km/h(100) (not sustained for longer than five minutes) could work in most highway systems without causing a significant increase in accidents

It would be a lot more complex, you don’t want a big rig doing 85mph, never mind having a car approach a big rig doing 55 or 60 at 100mph if the car user is being an idiot. It would also require more strict inspections for cars, but in the end it would save driver hours.

Also emissions do increase with speed (it’s just a fact no matter how you put it) but with newer 10 speed gearboxes the effects could be diminished to the point where the reduced driver hours could cover up the environmental costs. However, as the average american car on the road is something like 11 years old, maybe some cars aren’t ready for a higher limit.

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