There’s lots of cars that have become rare or have all but disappeared from the roads. I haven’t seen first-gen Hyundai Tiburons anywhere in a long time. Chevy Berettas either. I was a Chevy Sprint enthusiast, but I haven’t seen one around in a long time. Most of the Sprints became victims to rust or to owners who didn’t maintain them; the latter is a too-common fate for cheap cars.

I have noticed one particular vehicle that should be rare, yet I see a different one it seems like every day: the Mitsubishi Mighty Max.

I remember how popular these were here in Colorado when they were new. When I was in high school in the late ‘80s-early 90's they were everywhere. They just haven’t seemed to fade away like the Isuzu (non-Hombre) trucks have, and those were almost as common in the same period.

What car do you still see somewhat often and it surprises you?