So Oppo... I’m thinking of selling my car. There’s a story behind why that I don’t feel like posting publicly, the TL;DR is don’t mix family and money. Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what I should ask for this thing because around here (Pennsylvania) Subaru pricing is ridiculous. Throw away the book because it doesn’t matter in this market. It’s not that they’re all crazy high... it’s just that the older, higher mileage ones seem to plateau at a certain point.


  • 2002 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS 5-speed, 143k miles. Base package, has all the power stuff plus cruise and fog lights but cloth seats, no moonroof, etc.
  • ZERO rust, was in Florida for the last 13 years, brought it to PA in December
  • Paint damage on the hood from tree sap- looks like chipped paint, actually is missing clearcoat
  • Fading clearcoat on roof and back bumper (car is silver so it’s not THAT obvious)
  • Passenger fender has a dent the size of an apple, there’s a few other dings and scratches here and there
  • Headlights are faded/clouded
  • Clean interior, no rips or tears
  • Did I mention no rust?

Mechanical stuff:

  • New timing belt and water pump ~20k miles ago.
  • New clutch around that time as well.
  • New rear calipers, pads, and rotors plus new front brake pads.
  • Tires about 5/32"
  • Passed PA state inspection/emissions with flying colors in February
  • Ice cold A/C
  • Dashboard clock doesn’t work

And then there’s this:

There is a bit of differential whine at high speed, it’s been present since I got the car and has not gotten worse, and I checked with some Subaru forums and apparently it’s pretty common for that to happen with these transmissions and many people have driven 100k+ with the whine.

Other than that it’s in perfect mechanical condition.

So what say you Oppo? What do you think I should ask for this thing? My research tells me it’s worth at least $3000 but my gut tells me that’s high.