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I posted a couple weeks ago about what SUV should I get to replace my wife's 2005 Honda Pilot which had radiator/transmission issues. (Picture above is not mine but is exactly what happened then the transmission cooler failed on mine) At the time we wanted to get rid of it because we just didn't trust it anymore, and, now we have reason to not trust it; it seems the torque converter has gone to shit. Shudders during shifts and in those times where it could downshift to get up a hill but its not completely necessary, it makes a weird loud humming/rattling noise.


With this occurring, I can't in good conscious sell the car to a private party at a good price. If I take the car as a trade in they'll laugh at me and give me next to nothing (as they should, the damn thing is broke).

Or I can fix it. Take it to the dealer for a new transmission and torque converter and its going to be $4,000 at least. I can buy a rebuilt unit with converter and external cooler from ebay for $1500 and then shipping, and core... it will likely be $2,000 all in and then the hours it will take to replace it. I am no stranger to big jobs; I am restoring a 66 Dodge Coronet and in the years I owned my Dodge Stealth went through 2 clutches, 2 transmissions, and an engine swap, so I feel confident that I could swap it myself but the hours, THE HOURS, seem so daunting.


This is where you come in... What should I do? Invest in the rebuilt and drive the wheels off the current Pilot? It has 110,000 miles on it and otherwise runs quite well. Or do I cut bait now and take all I can get for trade in?

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