What should I do Oppo? To Swap or not to Swap?

Good Morning Oppo! Clean SE for your time!

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I purchased a 91 Miata SE from my dad, who I helped get the same car from Baltimore last year. The car is super solid, has the original pieces that make it an SE except for the tan tonneau cover. It has 158k miles on it, but no rust at all that I can find. The car has some dents here and there from hail damage and both front fenders have some dents. The only problem, it is an automatic.

I have a 90 parts car that is a 5 speed, and the mechanical skills to swap it. My dilemma is that the car is an extremely solid SE and it even has the numbered plaque on the center consul. But I would be killing the originality of a good SE. Should I hammer out the dents, touch up the BRG paint, and send it off to someone who will appreciate the automatic? (which isn’t that bad to drive at all, been DDing it for over a month now) Or should I 5 speed swap it and make it a little more fun to drive, and also pop out the dents and touch up the paint?

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