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4 years ago I bought the ‘85 GT-S hatchback they listed on the front page with dreams of a Panda paint job and tofu delivery. A couple months later I met the woman that I’d end up marrying. The car then sat outside at a friend’s shop since then waiting for me to get less distracted by life. Then the town told him he had too many cars sitting for too long and that it was “unsightly”. We did a cursory check the other day, drained the gas tank and filled it up, charged the battery and it started right up, something that would be a miracle if my E30 had sat that long. The main two issues are a slow oil leak around one of the oil cooler hoses and a hole in the exhaust, but I have a cat-back sitting in a box. Bottom line is I have too many cars and not enough time. Debating on whether it’s even worth putting on Bring-a-trailer, throwing it on my rinky-dink local Craigslist, “free if you’ll pick it up” to Oppo, etc. It would be nice to get some money out of it but I mostly just want to make sure it goes to someone that’s going to do something with it.


Update: I’ll respond to comments more completely after work today so if I don’t immediately respond don’t take it to mean anything.

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