The post yesterday about abandoned cars in Detroit got me thinking about my most hated car: The 1996-2007 Dodge Caravan. I don’t really know if there’s one thing about it that gets my blood boiling, but every time I see one on the road I desperately wish my truck came equipped with forward facing anti-aircraft guns. Maybe it’s the completely uninspiring shape, or that every one on the road looks like a prop from an off-Broadway Mad Max musical. I just hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

You’ve all seen this driving around.

And apparently so do their drivers judging by how well they take care of them. I’ve even started playing a game. The goal is to see if I can spot a Caravan that doesn’t have a dent, rust spot, mis-colored panel, etc. I’ve only found a handful. It almost seems mandatory that the bumper corners be caved in.

So, in the spirit of my hatred of Caravans, post your most hated car. Be as specific as possible. If you say “any large CUV” I’m going to call you lame. Call out the Traverse (a hateful car) or something specific.