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I just can’t win with tires on the new van. Got brand new tires in what October?

3 days after getting them I picked up a chunk of metal in one of the rears helping my grandparents move. Got that fixed.


Last Friday I stopped to wash it. Made it about 2 miles from the wash, “low tire”. Pull over and check, opposite rear is very low. Get it aired up so I can get it in to get fixed. Made it to the dealer with 12 psi remaining.

Now this morning I get in to go to work, 1/2 mile from home “low tire”. I said f$#@ you and took it back home. Checked tires, passenger front is low.


I left it at home and took my van instead.

Never in my life have I had so many tire issues. Of course, I passed on the Road Hazard warranty on them, because I don’t generally have issues ( I think I’ve had to patch 1 tire in over 2 decades of driving).


Just needed to vent a bit.

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