Some of you know I went and test drove an Alfa Romeo the other day. This was to fulfill my curiosity as to what they were like to drive. While a 5 minute test drive is not sufficient to fully take in a car, it can at least give you an initial impression; 5 minutes was all I needed to know that I wanted an E9X M3, and enough to know that I didn’t want a luxury trim W204. The curiosity with the Alfa started the other week when I saw one and got this wild idea in my head that I should lease one. I’ve been looking at them online, and have found there are several leftover 2017s with huge discounts on them. Well, in my nationwide search for discounted 2017s, I came across this one. I want to know what the actual fuck is going on here.

It seems to be a brand new car that has been inexplicably wrapped with whatever the fuck that wrap is.



The only concession I will make is that I like the wheels.