in the interest of science, a perspective of its speed.(and because i was bored and need to study for a dynamics exam) i took out the calculator and got some more numbers then the ones provided:


60FT 0.953
330FT 2.563
1/8 mile 3.813@316KM/H (197MPH)
1/4 mile 5.774 @399 KM/H (247MPH)

also, i will be working in metric, because f*ck you and your antiquated arbitrary measuring system

also, working in rough numbers.

1/4 mile:
AVG acceleration = 19m/s^2 = 2g
speed = given (400km/h)
time = given (5.77)

1/8 mile:
AVG acceleration = 23.15m/s^2 = 2.3g
speed = given (316km/h)
time = given (3.8s)

60 ft:
AVG acceleration = 40.2m/s^2 = 4.1g
speed = 138.1 km/h = in 60ft and 1 second, this thing is going highway speeds. holy tits.
time = given (0.953s)

330 ft:
AVG acceleration = 30.2m/s^2 = 3.1g
speed = 282.3km/h = 176.43mph
time = given (2.563)

calculations for those interested (sorry for it being sideways)