What the #$@%! did my mom's car do?

The car in question is a 2012 Hyundai Elantra.

About an hour ago I had to drop off my mom at her friend’s house. On the way home something strange happened. I tried to overtake someone and like any car it shifted down a couple of gears for more power. However the transmission may have slipped and it caused the engine to rev to around 5-6k rpm. After that it belched a huge plume of white smoke, nearly causing a pileup behind me. After I made sure nobody crashed I pulled over to the side of the highway to make sure nothing catastrophic occurred. It was however, still spewing white smoke out of its tailpipe. Popped the hood open and didn’t see/smell/hear anything abnormal, so I continued on my way and haven’t had any issues. After I got back, my dad and I checked it out and it was perfectly fine.

TL;DR: My mom’s 2012 Hyundai Elantra had white smoke coming out of it after trying to overtake someone.


So what happened? Did it burn a little oil? That’s what I think, as it recently got an oil change and passed inspection a few weeks ago. I think nothing is wrong since no warning lights came on but we may have it looked at.

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