For that matter, also AMT/Ertl for quality in recent years, but let's stick to Revell for a minute. Okay, so many Revell kits I completed as a kid were not the best quality, oversimplified, poor piece fit, etc. Snap-Tite as a "technology" can suck it as well, and overthick chrome on chrome pieces, alleged pre-painted models, so on - not really best foot forward. That tends to just be the way of things with cheap plastic car/plane models, but there were a few exceptions. The Revell F-14 Tomcat was one, but that seemed to be an older model somewhat. Hmm. Then, I got a Revell P-38. Good lord. Opening gun bays in the nose, multi-configurable landing gear, props designed to spin for extra fun, on and on. The only problem was, lots and lots of flash, and blurred details from worn out molds. Let's check that mold date:

1964. That's right, Revell did make amazing model kits... in 1964. Not having replaced the molds, the N generation is wearing out, but there's a level of excellence simply not there in their modern kits. This brings me to today's topic, the Revell Jag E-type. Not sold in the US as well as I can determine, okay, I bought one from the UK. Suddenly, the experience with the P-38 comes rushing back. Details beyond imagining, but also *flash and mold deterioration*. Checking the date: 1963. What's worse, "made in USA". In other words, Revell won't sell a detailed, high quality Jag E-type model here that was originally made here and that they've been making since 1963. Nor will they redesign it as their molds are gasping for replacement. No, they'd rather sell us this kind of horseshit.

Thanks for bringing ships/ mil stuff to people who can't get Tamiya, guys, but this? Hire some imagination back into the car model department, kthx.