While I was in the shower this morning some one broke into my house and stole some shit. they didn;t get much as I don’t own much they grabbed about $500 worth of bullshit from my house. like it’s not a huge loss little cash, few packs of smokes and some odds and ends, personal items. But who the fuck breaks into a house between 6 and 630 in the am while some one is home?! I’m 6'2, 300 pounds and can wreck some shit. it has to be random, no one who knows who lives here would risk that while I was home! what the fuck. Also called cops at 7, still waiting. they hit like 6 houses and a bunch of cars. we have video from my neighbor across the street but it was pouring so it’s useless.... FUCK, I’m like legit fucked up over this. Also I live in a quiet suburb this is crazy!


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