So I was leaving a parking lot and stopped at a stop sign to turn right, when this complete dipshit in a white Acura comes around the corner of the road I was about to turn onto so far into the oncoming lane that she nearly hit curb on the left side.

Here’s the amazing thing. As I was sitting there at the stop sign and she’s in the oncoming lane, she slams her brakes and beeps at me like I was the stupid bitch doing twice the speed limit in the oncoming lane of a two lane road. I beeped back and gave her a “Jesus Christ how haven’t you asphyxiated from forgetting to breathe” raised hand, and she then floored it through a stop sign hanging a right and nearly hitting two pedestrians in a crosswalk.

I’m kind of impressed that this lady clearly thought I was in the wrong by sitting at a stop sign and being in her general vicinity. I’d still like to punch her teeth down her throat, but I'm impressed nonetheless.