*rant* buffer

 Is Common sense dead? Are people just stupid now? I don’t get it. There is a FP article about Apple being sued for not using tech to keep people from using their phones while driving. WHAT?! How in the world is this Apple’s fault? So what if there is technology to stop people from driving and texting? What about the passengers? Make them click they are a passenger you say.

Pokemon Go did that and a driver can click that as well. And as a passenger I would be very annoyed by this.

As a vehicular operator and a person that applies common sense, I know that I would be the negligible party if I, as the driver, decided to operate an electronic device while driving. Not my phone maker’s fault that they allowed it a possibility. TAKE SOME GOD DAMN RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE!! It is your fucking fault, not theirs. Sure fine, sue the driver of the car that hit you or your family member. It is that person’s fault for being stupid enough to text and drive.


I don’t particularly care for Apple products, but fuck off people, it isn’t their fault!