6-Series GT: it's the 4-door version of the two-door version of BMW's executive 4-door. Wait, What?

So, they built the 5 series, right? Lovely car. They then figured "We ought to make a 2-door one because, well, wer're bored". So they built the 6.

Then, some tosser (Who must have been high at the time) thought "Wait, what if we made a 4-door 6-series?"


They already have a 4-door 6-series... It's called the 5 Series! So what's the freaking point?

On another BMW note- They've dropped Prialux from the DTM squad. Smart move. But why was he there in the first place? Lets take a look at some of the more successful people in the DTM


Mike Rockenfeller (Long time DTM driver, LMP1 driver)

Paul DiResta (Single-seater ace, F1 driver, wins DTM)

Tom Kristensen (Single-seater ace, LMP1 ace)

Gary Paffett (F1 test driver, long-time DTM driver)

Bernd Schnider (F1 driver)

Mika Hakkinen (F1 driver)

So, based on this list, it looks like a DTM car is more closely aligned with a single-seat, high-downforce car.


So rather than leaving Andy Prialux in a Touring car championship somewhere, stacking wins, they moved him to DTM where he did poorly. Same for Joey Hand, he was PHENOMENAL in a GTE car, and then they move him to DTM where he flounders around at the back. Silly.

BMW, pull your heads out of your asses.