So these giant blue things have been sitting near the railroad by my house for a week or two, and I still have no idea what they are. I got a few pictures as best I could, but they aren't great.

They look like they were pushed off the tracks and just slid to where they are. They ate up a ton of grass on the way. I'm not sure what's the top and what's the bottom, but I think these pictures were from the top. On what I'm calling the bottom there's a spiky thing at one end, and a huge bulb at the other (somewhat visible in the second picture, closest to the camera), the spiky thing is at the far end, visible next to the bulb in the shot. They articulate somehow, but it's hard to tell exactly where. They don't seem to have any train wheels that I can see.


They're adding a second line to the tracks here, if that helps, but I don't really know how far along they are other than clearing trees.

Those guys walking around don't seem to know what they are either, they weren't from the railway, just interested I think. I might try to get some better pictures tomorrow if you want.