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What the hell, brain?

Not car-related, just 3AM personal story time. Probably not worth the read.

Today (technically yesterday - Saturday) was weird, and I’m blaming my brain. Also I may still have a residual summer cold, which may be related.


I woke up with a headache in the back of my head - which is rare for me, and I didn’t drink anything last night. I had gone to bed in my usual timeframe, and fell asleep surprisingly quickly. Or perhaps not so surprisingly, since we got a cooling memory foam bed topper (3", quite nice and can still use the same bed sheets), and it’s far better than the creaky springs of the admittedly aged mattress. I even slept in this morning, which is a treat. The headache wasn’t though. It didn’t want to go away, either: Tea didn’t help, nor did ibuprofen (my usual basic pain/fever go-to, as I can manage the dosage better than with other stuff we have). By the time I decided to give a nap a try, it was already 1PM, so the morning was wasted.

A 2-hour nap on the new mattress topper resolved the headache, but by that time it was time to get on with leftover chores, and then start dinner. So basically the daylight hours were shot. I don’t mind that so much (I used to be a night owl, and wouldn’t get up before noon on a good day, or 10AM if I had to work a closing shift), but it threw me out of an expected groove.


Couple that with my wife who was recovering from having stitches put in the other day and didn’t want to move nor have any noises, what chores I could get done were the little quiet things, not the big more-pressing tasks (cut the yard, dishes, vacuum, etc.).

So, she went to bed around 7, which is early for her, so I amused myself quietly by finishing Half-Life (hooray Steam summer sale) which I started just last weekend, and starting Half-Life 2. I didn’t realize that it was morning - let alone 3AM! - until I looked at a save-game timestamp on the airboat level (wheeeeee!!!) and realized it was Sunday.


As a result, Sunday is going to be REALLY weird.

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