The first episode we can probably all agree was skiddish and full of bad stretched out jokes. Pretty sure most of us figured this was just the way the show was going to get started and would smooth out as we go.

I won’t ruin it for anyone that hasn’t watched it yet but WTF? The episode goes from a review of the Vulcan which is decent to a very dragged out bad action movie. Amazon definitely dropped a pretty penny on all of the explosives and helicopters etc. It was boring and pointless though!

Even when Jeremy starts “dreaming” of how his next actions are going to play out there is no indication of this. The show all of a sudden jumps back into real time and you are left to assume it was him dreaming?

Anyways lots of forced humor once again in this episode and leaves you wondering what the plot or purpose is?

I haven’t given up hope yet but hopefully they get back to doing cool shit with cars (old or new) which is what I think we are all expecting from this series.

What are your thoughts?