In this exciting new feature for us West Coasters/insomniacs/Europeans I will post a status update from my cousin, who recently friended me on Facebook. Admittedly I may have made jokes to my fiancee that my 6 year old writes more coherently, or that I write better Spanish than he does English (I last took Spanish 17 years ago)....but I'm genuinely curious as to what the hell he is trying to get across. This recent post got 7 "Likes" so, someone must be able to decipher it.... right? Here's the post:

will got other 50 bales or hay in to day fun, but got have bath on horse rebeal, she looking good this year play in the fish pond today to cool down it been a warm sunny day out hear in [location redacted]

Besides the obvious, "hear" instead of "here" for instance, I really can't figure much of any of it out. There's only one notable spelling error (rebeal, which may mean something to people who raise horses?). The random commas are throwing me off too. Why only use that punctuation?

So have at it. Any idea what this is saying?