It's no surprise that everyone makes a big deal about photoshopped men and women in magazine ads setting unrealistic standards, so why should car ads get an exemption to this?

[want intensifies]

Don't take this the wrong way, I don't mind the little touch up here and there because at the end of the day, they're just trying to portray their car in the best possible light to move them off the showroom floor. There's definitely a point where that line gets crossed and it seems "over-excessive."


The car looks as real as her...don't people have pores, oh god, why doesn't she have pores?!

You know when you come across a magazine cover where the person is so airbrushed, it looks unnaturally creepy and makes that tasty Chipotle you just had unsettle itself ever so slightly:


That's the line I'm talking about. It's rampant today in the car industry. It's everywhere and if I stand alone on this stance, so be it...It's a huge turn off plain and simple.

Pretty sure that level of window tinting is illegal in all 50 states

I call it the way I see it and it just seems so fake. I mean, where on earth can I get this type of lighting to get my car looking like those ads? I'll save you the trouble, probably China with their smog filled hazy air refracting light in ways that defy physics.


100% natural in China! I wonder what kind of weed and feed they used on that lawn. Note to self, stop by Home Depot tomorrow.


I don't want the soy burgers, give me the real thing dammit. I want to visualize this car the way it would sit parked at my local Sonics'. The natural texture and lighting drawing me to its silky silhouette, orange peel and all if we're referring to the new Mitsubishi Mirages. Let my cars roam free, putting it all on the table. Let them look real, to look like I want to touch them, to imagine myself inside one. I can't imagine myself in cars that don't give me the perception that it's real. When cars look genuine, you can create a connection and stir emotions. Emotions are a big part in making a car purchase decision.

I most certainly can't imagine myself in that Mazda 6 since I can't even see the seat.


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