Rant incoming, here is some background: Three of the four cars my wife and I own stay at our apartment. The fourth (the Nova) stays at my grandparent’s place, which is close to an hour away.

Anyway, the Forester started making a horrendous noise that sounded like a pulley bearing yesterday, so I parked it with the intent to check out the issue later. This morning, my wife and I go to leave with the Legacy; I roll the window down to wipe off the mirror, and surprise! the window won’t go back up. I JUST replaced the master switch two months ago. Grrrrr... okay, it’s a bit chilly, but it’s not THAT cold, I’ll survive. I back out of the parking spot and hear an odd clicking in the steering wheel, followed by the airbag light coming on. Fraaaaaack! Okay, that sucks, but it won’t be an issue unless we get into a wreck - press on, right? Noooope! We get about a block away and the check engine light comes on along with a drop in power. Seriously? Why does this car hate me today? Okay, we’ll make a u-turn and hop in the truck; we’ll only be about 20 minutes late thanks to having to defrost & warm up three cars instead of one. Man, this is not my day today!

I am so naive for thinking this is where it ends... I park the Legacy and go to get the truck running. Key in ignition, turn, aaaaaand nothing. Da fuq?? This happened about a week ago, and the problem went away after wiggling the battery cables that weren’t even loose. I figured it was corrosion, so I pulled the cables to find no corrosion whatsoever. Oooookay...? Well, wiggling the cables worked last time, so maybe it’ll work when I put it back together (yes, I know it’s wishful thinking). Surprise, surprise; no dice.

So, do I pull the battery and limp one of the other two cars to one of the local parts stores to test it? That’ll take awhile, since nobody opens until 10. So we ended up cancelling our plans and I decided to diagnose the Forester’s noise issue. As it turns out, the A/C compressor clutch is shot. Fortunately the compressor is driven by a separate belt than all the other accessories, so the car is drivable again, but now I’m looking at a new compressor clutch (if not a new compressor), possibly a battery for the truck, and whatever the hell is wrong with the Legacy. What did I do to deserve this?

TL;DR version: all three cars at my place had issues this morning when my wife and I were trying to get somewhere, and none of them are going to be cheap fixes.