I’m old. 150 years ago, in the early nineties, I was in high school. We may not have had the Internet, but there was a brief time when there were lots and LOTS of FWD and AWD sport coupes about. (I didn’t really pay attention to the RWD pony cars or anything else until later in life.) They may not have been blessed with earth-shattering hp or torque, but the sheer number of them were gratifying.

Among the coupes available was the VW Corrado. I always liked the Scirocco, and the Corrado carried on the basic shape of the Scirocco that I loved and eventually came with the exotic-sounding VR6. I really liked them, especially in green. It’s one of the cars that would grab my attention immediately if I was anywhere near one, yet I’ve never even considered trying to own one. For some reason, I lack the typical car-guy need to possess the cars I lust after. Not only that, I can handle beige like no other; witness my current Kia Optima and my long history of sensible sedans. But there are times that I’ve wanted to buck my tendencies and grab a car like a Corrado.

So, what was it that made your tongue hang out while trying to get through your formative years?