Honestly, you'd think ad agencies could come up with something better than "It looks different." That's not even the worst part of the new Buick commercial airing in the US. Sure it's great that Buick gets a facelift(although not really since they've looked the same for at least four years).

Great, so Buicks no longer resemble Buicks so much so that it fools the elderly and clueless millenials. Yet that's not the worst part, the worst part is the woman's inability(at the :10 mark) to even NOTICE THE F#*KING CAR IN TRAFFIC, not to mention the valet who can't pick out a Buick in a parking lot.



This is what Buick is saying with their new ad: "Buick: We don't look like we used to, we just look like everyone else now."



And here's the commercial in case you hadn't seen it. Marvel at everyone's incredulousness at what Buick suddenly looks like. Be in awe that Buick would admit that their cars can't be picked out of a crowd. Although to be fair it's not like they ever stood out to begin with as an intermediate luxury brand. We saw what happened to Ford's Mercury brand; is GM's Buick next?

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